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College of Geography and Environment is originated from the Department of Geography. It is one of the six departments at the establishment of Shandong Normal University in 1950. The College of Population, Resources and Environment was founded in March 1995. In June 2015, it was renamed the College of Geography and Environment. It consists of the Department of Geography, Department of Environmental science, and Institute of Geography. Research Center of Sustainable Development in Shandong and Shandong Geographical Society are affiliated to the college. For 7 decades, the old and young teachers have conveyed the striving spirit from generation to generation, and have contributed all their youth and enthusiasm to the great cause of education. It has now developed into a distinctive and comprehensive one with outstanding advantages and coordinated development in the disciplines of Geography and Environment. The Geography discipline of the college has always occupied the leading position among universities in Shandong Province.


Comprehensive Discipline System

The college has 4 undergraduate majors, including Geographical Science (education major), Geographic Information Science, Environmental Science, and Remote Sensing Science and Technology. It owns the doctor's degree authorization center of Geography first-class discipline and the postdoctoral station of Geography, and has 3 doctor and master subjects of Physical Geography, Human Geography, Cartography and Geographic Information System. It also has a first-level master discipline of Environmental Science and Engineering, and 2 professional master disciplines of Geography Teaching, and Resource and Environmental Education. Geographical Science is a national first-class undergraduate major and a brand major of Shandong Province, and Environmental Science is the core major of high-level applied project construction specialty group in Shandong Province. The college has formed a complete talent training system, which is dominated by undergraduate education and supplemented by master and doctoral education. Currently, there are 1,637 undergraduates, 247 master students, 20 doctoral students, 54 postdoctoral scholars, and 6 international students. The college has sent tens of thousands of graduates to society.


Abundant Teaching Faculty

The college currently has 105 faculty members, and 80 of them are full-time teaching and research teachers, and 71 of them have doctorates. Now there are 19 professors, 26 associate professors, 13 doctoral supervisors, and 44 master’s supervisors in this college. The college has nearly 20 national model teachers and experts honored as Taishan Scholars, experts with outstanding contributions in the province, top talents of provincial think tanks, and social science rising youths. Over the past five years, more than 40 academic monographs and textbooks have been published in Science Press, the People’s Publishing House, etc. There were 5 textbooks prized for provincial and ministerial awards. More than 10 provincial education reform projects are completed or under research.


Excellent School-running Conditions

The college has more than 10 provincial-level research platforms, including the collaborative innovation center of Human-Nature and Green Development in Universities of Shandong, Shandong Circular Economy Research Center, Shandong Eco-environmental Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Research Center for Sustainable Development, Key Laboratory of "Surface Process and Environmental Ecology" in Universities of Shandong Province, etc. The college has land planning and other relevant qualifications. The “Teaching experiment center of key subjects in colleges and universities of Shandong Province” of this college has 13 laboratories, including Meteorology, Astronomy, Remote Sensing, Soil, Geology & Geomorphology, Maps & GIS and Environmental Chemistry, etc. The total area is over 3,000 m2, and there are more than 2000 sets of the various experimental equipment. More than 20 internship bases have been set up in Qinhuangdao, Yantai, Weifang, Shanghai, Nanjing, Zhejiang, and other places.


Outstanding Academic Achievements

The college has 9 academic teams, including "Regional (Yellow River Triangle) Environmental Pollution Prevention and Ecological Restoration", "Demographic Urbanization and its high-quality development", etc., and 2 of them are youth innovation teams of Shandong Province. It owns 4 teaching teams, including the teaching team of Human Geography, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, etc., and 2 of them are the outstanding teaching teams of Shandong Normal University. Moreover, 4 mater-education teams were also selected into the excellent supervisor teams of "Five Guides" for graduate students of Shandong Normal University. In the past five years, teachers of this college have finished more than 40 national research programs and over 70 provincial research projects, and have published more than 700 research papers in domestic and foreign journals. Teachers in this college have won more than 20 academic awards, such as the second prize of provincial natural science program, the first prize of excellent achievements in provincial social science, etc. The college undertakes a large number of horizontal projects in the fields of resource development and continuous utilization, emergency management, ecological protection and restoration, and circular economy, which has attracted abundant funding for more than 10 million yuan per year. As the Shandong Geographical Society, the leading unit of the Shandong Sustainable Development Research Association, and the governing unit of the Chinese Geographical Society and the Chinese Natural Resources Society, the college often holds national or provincial academic conferences, which has expanded the channels and platforms for academic exchanges.


Great Achievements in the Work of Party Construction

The party committee of the college comprehensively implements the main responsibility of administering the party strictly, and strengthens the self-building in an all-around way, pays attention to position construction and management, adhering to the learning system of the central group, and persists the rules of procedure with Democratic Centralism. The leading group cooperates and forge ahead in unity. The party committee of the college actively explores the party construction management mode of "Party building and style of study", "Party building and scientific innovation", "Party building and service". Taking the party members, the party activists, and major student cadres as the starting point, the party committee carries out the education and guidance in the whole staff. In recent years, the party committee of the college has been rated as the model grass-roots party organization many times. The college implements the academic headteacher and student tutorial system for all-staff undergraduates, to encourage and guide undergraduates to participate in all kinds of Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities. Undergraduate students have won over 100 awards of various academic competitions at the provincial or higher level, including the national first prize of "Challenge Cup", the grand prize of GIS National University Student Skill Contest, second prize of "Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling", etc. The Youth League Committee of the College is named the “May 4th” Red Flag Youth League Committee in Shandong Province.


With a long history and full of vigor, the College of Geography and Environment is both old and young. For the past 70 years, the college has made a great contribution to our national and regional development in the future, there is a long way to go. It will make persistent efforts to train more high-quality talents for the country, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of Shandong Province and China.



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